Bicycle Association of Great Britain

The Bicycle Association of Great Britain is the national body representing the bicycle industry in the United Kingdom. Membership is open to bicycle manufacturers; manufacturers of bicycle accessories and components; distributors and wholesalers; retailers; publishers and other companies having a particular interest in the industry. There are more than 60 members of the Bicycle Association.

Our team

The Bicycle Association is managed by its Operations Director reporting to the Association's Council. The Council has a President, Executive Director and Company Secretary and is comprised of representatives from the Bicycle Association's membership.

Benefits of Joining

There are many reasons to join the Association from getting your voice heard to getting access to market intelligence and technical,business and PR services.

A Bit of History

The origins of the Bicycle Association date back to 1890 when 'The Cycle and Motorcycle Trades Association' was established in Coventry.

In 1910, the company's name was changed to 'The Cycle and Motorcycle Manufacturers and Traders Union Ltd'. Membership included all the principal British manufacturers of two and three-wheeled vehicles (bicycles, mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, sidecars and three-wheelers) as well as manufacturers of components, accessories and specialist clothing, and the UK concessionaires for imported products in those fields.

Further name changes occurred in 1920, when the company became 'The British Cycle and Motor Cycle Manufacturers and Traders Union Ltd', and again in 1956 when it became 'The British Cycle and Motor Cycle Industries Association Ltd'.  In July 1973, because of the diverging needs of the bicycle and motor cycle industries, the Cycle and Motor Cycle Association was split into two separate, autonomous bodies, the Bicycle Association of Great Britain (BA) and the Motorcycle Industries Association (MCIA).

Today the Bicycle Association boasts over 70 members and is at the centre of the British cycle industry.





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