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The Bicycle Association of Great Britain is where companies and organisations in the UK cycle industry join forces to tackle urgent policy issues, to raise standards, to promote best practice and to speak with a united voice to government.
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As the national cycle industry trade body, the Bicycle Association represents, to government and the public, a professional industry which takes itself seriously, and demands to be taken seriously in return. As such, the members who have joined together in the Association must be committed to high standards of professionalism and good practice.

The BA enshrines these standards in the form of a Code of Practice, which all members adopt as a condition of membership. Currently, this simply requires members to comply with the technical and legislative requirements which apply to anyone selling cycles in the UK. A grace period for new members is available, during which they can leverage the BA’s support services to help raise their compliance to match that of the best professionals in the industry.

Become a BA member and sign up to the code of practice to join the best in the industry as we cement our reputation as the responsible, professional face of the cycle trade.

As an industry, we can’t ignore politics. Cycling and the UK cycle industry face many urgent, near-term political challenges – the complex and deep implications of Brexit, for example, or the Vnuk case, which could mean compulsory insurance for e-bike users. Recent figures also indicate a long-term decline in young people cycling: that needs to be reversed by national level transport and planning policy changes if our industry is to have a strong future.

On all such issues, the BA works hard to put the cycle industry case. We have well-established relationships with relevant politicians and officials, particularly in the Department for Transport, and we support the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group. These contacts can open up opportunities, too: for 2017, we’re eagerly embracing a new political willingness to promote e-bikes.

We have learned that the government is only interested in helping industries who help themselves, who self-organise, and who speak with one voice. The BA provides the cycle industry with that strong collective voice. We lobby hard to grow the market for us all.

Politicians have been especially impressed by tangible evidence of our industry’s proactive engagement in the form of the Bicycle Industry Fund (formerly the Bike Hub levy scheme), operated by the BA, through which the cycle industry has raised over £4.5m to date. Much of this has been invested into schemes supporting young cyclists. It’s opened up significant additional investment, too, in Government match funding.

To build on this work, the BA and its members have developed a strategic manifesto, combining advocacy, outreach and promotion to get more people, of all ages, cycling and to apply the Bicycle Industry Fund to best effect.

In cycle advocacy it is essential to work with others, so that Government hear a single voice. We are engaged members of the Active Travel Alliance, which brings together all of the main UK cycle advocacy organisations, and of CONEBI, the Confederation of European Bicycle Industries. Where our interests align we join forces in our lobbying work with other relevant UK industry bodies such as the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) and the Association of Train Operating Companies (ATOC).

The larger our membership, the stronger our voice; joining the BA means investing in the future of our industry.

Reliable, detailed UK sales data for cycles and P&A is hugely helpful for our members making investment and ordering decisions. ‘Big picture’ figures are also vital to convince politicians of the importance of our industry.

Through the BA, members can access monthly HMRC import and export data, providing long term insights and broad brush figures for bikes and e-bikes. The BA have also engaged data consultancy SQW to provide BA members with regular market briefings, using the HMRC figures and additional data sources to provide snapshots of market development, levels of cycling and headline figures for the broader economic impacts of our industry.

For 2017 the BA is under taking additional initiatives to extend the market data available to members, both by partnering with external data specialists and commissioning original research. We’re also working to offer members the opportunity to contribute to more finegrained sector or brand-specific research.

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The BA offers a wide range of technical support to members via its Technical Advice Service. This includes free advice on the rules and regulations which apply to new cycles sold in the UK, the product testing that is needed to demonstrate compliance, and other regulations which affect member companies, including lighting regulations, consumer law, WEEE, RoHS, and the rules relating to electric bikes in the UK and Europe, and recall procedures.

The Advice Service can also offer help at discounted rates on more specific queries, for example providing experienced personnel to help you handle a recall situation. The BA can also work with groups of members on specific projects, e.g. UK cycle industry trade missions for export. We can also call on experts to deliver business, PR and strategic support.

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Members joining the Bicycle Association agree to comply with its Code of Practice – which details the many legal obligations and regulations which apply to companies operating in the UK cycle industry. Keeping up with these is vital, but not always easy. The BA technical team flags up changes for you – and we also lobby on behalf of members as the regulations are set.

The Bicycle Association also works on cycle safety standards and has expert staff on BSI (British standards), CEN (European standards) and ISO (international standards) committees to represent the interests of the UK cycle trade. We also have two standing technical groups: one for general technical matters, and the other specifically for electric bikes.

Join the BA and ask your technical staff to sign up to our technical updates – to keep your company compliant, and to contribute to our work for the whole industry!

Everyone in the cycle industry benefits as more people cycle – and cycling needs a constant flow of young people on bikes to ensure a prosperous long-term future. That’s why the Bicycle Association operates the Bicycle Industry Fund to generate funds from within, and beyond, the cycle industry to support the future of UK cycling. Running since 2003 (and formerly known as the Bike Hub levy), contribution to the Bicycle Industry Fund is voluntary, but we are proud that many BA members participate.

To date the Fund has raised over £4.5m, or around £350,000 annually, and has supported cycling par ticipation projects across the UK. Recently these include the Go-Ride youth training programme, the Big Pedal event, and the Space4Cycling campaign. The Fund also recently supported production of a series of viral videos starring Chris Boardman.

Companies and organisations of all sizes contribute to the Bicycle Industry Fund, making contributions both large and small. All are significant, and as well as funding direct measures to secure a strong future cycling market, they demonstrate to government that the industry is putting its money where its mouth is, winning us vital credibility in our lobbying work.

Join the BA now and be part of this great initiative!

The cycle industry is a friendly place, but networking opportunities are few and far between. The BA provides opportunities to meet with your industry colleagues, discuss matters which concern you all, forge connections and lobbying alliances, and to trade know-how. We hold at least two general meetings a year, plus further meetings for special interest groups, and we communicate what we and BA members are up to via a quarterly newsletter. Currently over 60 companies are members of the BA.

All cycle-related manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and service providers are warmly invited to join us.

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