Bicycle Association membership

Bicycle Association membership

Working together to grow cycling

Join the Bicycle Association:

  • For member benefits vital to your business
  • For groundbreaking industry market data
  • To shape advocacy focussed on growth

The Bicycle Association (BA) is the national trade association for the UK cycle industry, bringing together 70+ member companies.

Your membership of the BA brings you representation at decision- making levels generally unavailable to you as an individual company. The BA works on the UK cycle industry’s behalf with the UK Government, at an EU level though our membership of the Confederation of European Bicycle Industries (CONEBI) and at the UN in Geneva via the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA). Our experts also attend British Standards Institute, CEN and ISO meetings and we provide policy-making input across the political spectrum.

The Technical Advice Service for BA members offers one-on-one advice on all regulatory, compliance and technical matters, included with your membership. Excellent contacts and a deep knowledgebase allow us to provide swift and authoritative advice on everything from tariffs to fatigue testing, plus early intelligence on standards development, anti-dumping, Brexit, safety issues and more.

Market intelligence resources available free of charge to BA members include the most detailed quarterly analysis of import and export data available. Members also have immediate access to full HMRC import data and can now also access our Market Data Service.

BA Member Meetings are opportunities for your staff to update on latest developments, to shape and drive our programmes, and to network with professional colleagues.

Topic meetings are where BA members can work together on sector-specific or specialist areas – for example, meetings for technical staff, market data users, Cycle to Work providers, cycle security providers, UK manufacturers, or to ad-hoc meetings to cover major Brexit developments.

The high standards expected of BA members are expressed in our Code of Practice, to which all members commit, cementing the BA’s reputation as the responsible, professional face of the cycle industry.

For the first time in the UK, we can now provide accurate market data to BA members.

You can now join the Bicycle Association’s Market Data Service to provide your business with hard insights to drive performance, stay competitive, and boost your bottom line.

This groundbreaking service reports retail sales, covering bikes, parts, accessories and services, and aims to cover at least 70% of the market by the end of 2019. Major retailers, distributors and EPOS providers are on board. Specialist data consultancy SMS operates the service for the BA, ensuring absolute confidentiality for data providers, and providing an easy-to-use online dashboard for data service users.

Having accurate, timely and highly detailed market data will transform business decision-making for BA members of all sizes from IBD to multinational. It will also deliver major benefits in our work to influence Government policy to properly support cycle industry growth: sales data allows us, for example, to directly report the effectiveness of policy measures to support e-bikes.

This service, available only to BA members, soft launches in January 2019 with a full service from April. As with all BA programmes it is operated on a not-for-profit basis. So the more members who buy into the service the cheaper it will become.

For full details of the Market Data Service, including our anonymity guarantee for data providers, please see here.

The BA has developed an ambitious advocacy programme to grow cycling which members can shape, support and leverage for business success.

As the UK moves through Brexit, and technological and social changes continue apace, it is essential that the UK cycle industry has a voice in the decisions that shape our business environment. Independently and with our allies, the BA is an effective voice for the industry at the highest political level, ensuring member business interests are represented.

Working in alliance
Most advocacy work for cycling concentrates on its transport and health benefits. But other organisations are already active in these areas, so it makes sense to join forces. In 2018 the BA was instrumental in forming a new Walking and Cycling Alliance to bring
together the cycle lobby to speak with one voice. This Alliance is effective: in late 2018 one of the group’s key asks, a review of the Highway Code, was secured.

In our own advocacy work, however, the BA takes a unique industry-specific approach.

The industrial case
The industrial case for cycling focuses on economic contribution, jobs and growth potential, all of which we quantify with commissioned research.

We take this industrial case into Government departments, often reaching Ministerial level, to secure support for our two current focus areas: boosting e-bikes, and giving all
children the opportunity to cycle. We achieved an early win in Autumn 2018 when the Government announced £2m of subsidies to boost uptake of e-cargo bikes.

We are continuing to engage actively on e-bikes, Bike to Work, Bikeability, and on potential support for investment in the UK cycle industry post-Brexit. We expect the results of this work to provide direct benefits to BA members.

City Programmes
Alongside our national advocacy activities the BA works closely with Mayoral city authorities. Most advanced is Manchester, where in 2019 we will participate in a programme of industry engagement to boost cycling and, we expect, to open up new opportunities for BA members.

The BA is moving into 2019 with a new expanded team and a clear, focused strategy.

2018 was a pivotal foundation year, as we put structures and team in place. Industry concensus and funding was secured via the Leadership Group and Bicycle Industry Fund, we commissioned research to build a strong evidence base, and developed strong advocacy alliances.

In 2019 we will start delivery of key elements of our strategy, which is based on three key ‘pillars’:

  • Securing a strong, united and influential industry
  • Giving every child the opportunity to cycle
  • Making cycling an everyday choice.

Every BA activity is driven by one or more these pillars, and to ensure our focus is relentlessly on activities with member benefit, all activity must also be unique (something the industry can deliver collectively which others advocating for cycling cannot) and measurable. It must also either directly drive members’ businesses and profits, or have long-term strategic value.

Please do contact us for full details of the BA’s strategy, and how your company can benefit from membership.

 The cycle industry is a friendly place, but networking opportunities are few and far between.

The Bicycle Association provides opportunities to meet with industry colleagues, discuss matters which concern you all, forge connections and alliances, and to trade know-how.

Currently there are over 70 companies in the Bicycle Association, between them representing the vast majority of brands present in the UK market. You can view the full current member list here.

Our members include cycle and accessory manufacturers, distributors and retailers, as well as related service providers such as insurance companies, trade media and more.

Join us: you will be in good company.

For a BA membership application pack please contact us.