Market Data

Market Data

Exclusive access to UK market intelligence

Reliable, detailed UK sales data for cycles and P&A is hugely helpful for our members making investment and ordering decisions. ‘Big picture’ figures are also vital to convince politicians of the importance of our industry.

Through the BA, members can access monthly HMRC import and export data, providing long term insights and broad brush figures for bikes and e-bikes. The BA have also engaged data consultancy SQW to provide BA members with regular market briefings, using the HMRC figures and additional data sources to provide snapshots of market development, levels of cycling and headline figures for the broader economic impacts of our industry.

For 2017 the BA is under taking additional initiatives to extend the market data available to members, both by partnering with external data specialists and commissioning original research. We’re also working to offer members the opportunity to contribute to more fine-grained sector or brand-specific research.

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