A powerful voice

A powerful voice

Cycling and the UK cycle industry face many urgent, near-term political challenges, for example:

  • Brexit – the opportunities and challenges
  • Anti-dumping – will punitive tariffs be imposed on e-bikes from China? And what happens post-Brexit?
  • Motor Insurance Directive – could a revision mean compulsory insurance for e-bikes?
  • Safety Review – the UK government is reviewing road traffic rules: the cycle industry’s voice must be heard.

The BA is there to put the cycle industry case. Your membership of the BA gains you representation on matters affecting cycling to the UK Government, at an EU level though our membership of the Confederation of European Bicycle Industries (CONEBI) and at the UN in Geneva via the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) where, for example, rules for how cyclists interact with automated vehicles may be decided.

In the UK, we have well-established relationships with politicians and officials, particularly in the Department for Transport. Where our interests align we also join forces in our lobbying work with other relevant UK industry bodies such as the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA).

There are urgent longer-term issues to address too. Recent figures show imports declining, and young people cycling less.

The BA is therefore co-ordinating an industry response to secure the future of cycling.

The new Bicycle Industry Fund, backed by a Leadership Group of our major contributors, will in 2018 begin implementing a major advocacy programme.This aims to position cycling as a strategic industry, taking the case for cycling beyond transport and into Government Departments for Industry, Brexit, Trade, Environment, Education, and Health.

For 2018, a high profile public affairs and PR programme will aim to secure Government support for a significant uptake of e-bikes, and to push for cycling on the national curriculum.

This will support a compelling case for Government action to support a growing domestic cycle industry post-Brexit.

Join the BA to be part of securing the industry’s future, growing the market for us all. The larger our membership, the stronger our voice as we represent you at all levels; joining the BA means investing in the future of our industry.