Especially with the advent of e-bikes, it is increasingly important that cycle companies, and the bikes they produce, are compliant with a range of rules, regulations and standards. This is not just a duty: compliance positively protects your customers, your company and your investments from risks and liabilities.

The BA offers a wide range of technical support to members to help you navigate all aspects of compliance and product safety. This includes regular technical meetings plus free individual advice on the rules and regulations which apply to new cycles sold in the UK, the product testing that is needed to demonstrate safety, and other regulations which affect member companies, including lighting regulations, consumer law, WEEE, RoHS, battery handling guidance and more.

The Bicycle Association also represents UK interests in safety standards, and has expert staff on BSI (British), CEN (European) and ISO (international standards) committees. And with our connections to European and UK officials, we provide both early intelligence and high level representation on technical matters.

Please click here for a summary of the main topics covered by the Technical Service in 2018.

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