‘Start Cycling’ Manifesto

'Start Cycling' - the industry's manifesto

As well as responding to urgent policy issues which affect the cycle industry and cyclists, the Bicycle Association is keenly aware of the industry's longer term responsibility to secure the future of cycling in the UK. Research commissioned by the BA (available to members in full) has identified a number of areas of concern as we look to the future. It is especially worrying that by some measures, children's access to cycling is declining.

The cycle industry, through the Bicycle Association, must work together to address these long-term trends, building on the valuable work over 14+ years of the Bike Hub industry levy scheme. After extensive consultation with members, a guiding document for this work has been developed: the "Start Cycling" Manifesto.

A three-pronged approach is called for: advocacy, outreach, and promotion.

  • Advocacy to shape the policies and regulations that affect cycling.
  • Outreach projects to bring new people to cycling; and
  • Promotion to sell cycling to non-cyclists.

The BA plans to launch a new Bicycle Industry Fund in 2017 to fund the manifesto, aiming to raise £500,000 per year. All cycle industry businesses with a stake in the future of cycling are urged to participate.

Click to enlarge, or download the Manifesto here (PDF).