Strategy and advocacy

A strategy to benefit cycling, the industry and your business

The BA is moving into 2019 with a new expanded team and a clear, focused strategy.

2018 was a pivotal foundation year, as we put structures and team in place. Industry concensus and funding was secured via the Leadership Group and Bicycle Industry Fund (the successor to the Bike Hub initiative), we commissioned research to build a strong evidence base, and developed strong advocacy alliances.

In 2019 we will start delivery of key elements of our strategy, which is based on three key ‘pillars’:

  • Securing a strong, united and influential industry
  • Giving every child the opportunity to cycle
  • Making cycling an everyday choice.

Every BA activity is driven by one or more these pillars, and to ensure our focus is relentlessly on activities with member benefit, all activity must also be unique (something the industry can deliver collectively which others advocating for cycling cannot) and measurable. It must also either directly drive members’ businesses and profits, or have long-term strategic value.

Please do contact us for full details of the BA’s strategy, and how your company can benefit from membership.

Our advocacy approach

The BA has developed an ambitious advocacy programme to grow cycling which members can shape, support and leverage for business success.

As the UK moves through Brexit, and technological and social changes continue apace, it is essential that the UK cycle industry has a voice in the decisions that shape our business environment. Independently and with our allies, the BA is an effective voice for the industry at the highest political level, ensuring member business interests are represented.

Working in alliance
Most advocacy work for cycling concentrates on its transport and health benefits. But other organisations are already active in these areas, so it makes sense to join forces. In 2018 the BA was instrumental in forming a new Walking and Cycling Alliance to bring together the active travel lobby to speak with one voice. This Alliance is effective: in late 2018 one of the group’s key asks, a review of the Highway Code, was secured. In our own advocacy work, however, the BA takes a unique industry-specific approach.

The industrial case
The industrial case for cycling focuses on economic contribution, jobs and growth potential, all of which we quantify with commissioned research. We take this industrial case into Government departments, often reaching Ministerial level, to secure support for our two current focus areas: boosting e-bikes, and giving all children the opportunity to cycle. We achieved an early win in Autumn 2018 when the Government announced £2m of subsidies to boost uptake of e-cargo bikes. We are continuing to engage actively on e-bikes, Bike to Work, Bikeability, and on potential support for investment in the UK cycle industry post-Brexit. We expect the results of this work to provide direct benefits to BA members.

City Programmes
Alongside our national advocacy activities the BA works closely with Mayoral city authorities. Most advanced is Manchester, where in 2019 we will participate in a programme of industry engagement to boost cycling and, we expect, to open up new opportunities for BA members.