BA Plans Battery Collection Trial in April/May 2023

April 4, 2023

Following a detailed tender process, the BA announced it’s intention to set up a national electric bike battery collection and recycling programme.

We are in the process of engaging all of the key electric bike brands to be a part of this programme, and have agreed with our partner ERP that we will run a regional trial in the North West of England.

This trial (consisting of visits to 100 retail outlets) will help us determine exactly what level of expired and faulty batteries we can expect to collect. This information is important to help us inform our intended national programme launch – which we wish to as soon as possible and in September of this year.

The programme will mirror those that exist in other countries – where a national network of retailers act as collection points for customers to visit with expired or faulty batteries. Retailers are supplied with fireproof rated drums to store the batteries in. We expect over time that more than 1000 retailers will be a part of this programme – in Germany 1800 retailers are a part of the programme.