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Bicycle Association Publishes BA Guides

September 7, 2021

Free BA Guides offer wider industry and public definitive guidance on Brexit, Cycle to Work, e-bikes and more

The Bicycle Association (BA) today launched a series of guides designed to offer definitive information on matters of interest to the wider cycle industry and to the public, complementing more detailed guidance which is available only to BA member companies.

The BA Guides are available to download free of charge and cover topics such as how Brexit affects product safety and imports, explainers for industry participants and users about the Cycle to Work scheme, analysis of e-bike regulations and more. Following the first tranche published today, further BA Guides will be rolled out over the coming months, and all will be regularly updated.

BA Technical Director Peter Eland said: 

“The Bicycle Association has for many years provided high quality and detailed technical advice to its members. But it is also in the interests of our member companies that the wider industry, including retailers and suppliers, and also the general public, are accurately informed about key topics. 

For example, making our information about the UKCA mark freely available provides everyone involved with a clear summary and timetable for the changeover from CE marking. 

On this and the many other topics we’ll be covering, we expect that the BA Guides will become the go-to reference for anyone seeking clear and definitive summaries on topics relevant to our industry.”

The BA Guides are produced by the Bicycle Association’s Technical Service, which provides regular updates to the BA membership with early intelligence on all regulatory, product safety and compliance matters. In recent years, international trade and the ramifications of Brexit have also been major areas of support for BA member companies. 

While the Guides provide summaries of selected technical and industry issues, available for free download, BA member companies can access a much more comprehensive online knowledgebase via the members-only area of the BA website. Unlimited (within reason) one-on-one technical support is also included at no extra cost with BA membership, so staff at BA member companies can also easily access in-person expertise whenever more direct assistance is helpful.

The BA Guides can be accessed here: