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Bicycle Association Releases First-Ever International Diversity Perception Survey Report

August 14, 2023

Industry Body Calls for Positive Change to Lead an Inclusive, Anti-Discriminatory Industry Culture

14 August, London — The Bicycle Association is today releasing its highly anticipated international  Diversity in the Cycling Industry Perception Survey Report. This pioneering report, which builds on the BA’s Diversity Report published in March 2023, is delivered in collaboration with Cycle Industries Europe’s Women in Cycling programme and supported by WORK180. The report sheds light for the first time on critical insights and perspectives surrounding diversity and inclusivity within the cycling industry. Based on extensive research and analysis, it underscores the need for a more inclusive approach to cycling and offers a roadmap for positive change within the industry. This report explores the root problems, examines the consequences, then considers actions to tackle the problems and help everyone working in the cycling industry to thrive. 

The survey, which was completed by 1,123 people working in the cycling industry, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, provides a comprehensive overview of current perceptions, challenges, and opportunities related to diversity, equity and inclusion . By collating and analysing data from individuals across different regions, company sizes and sectors, and demographics including age, gender, race and ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, the report paints a comprehensive picture of the current state of inclusivity within the cycling industry.

Key findings of the Perception Survey Report include:

  • Senior leaders are overwhelmingly white, heterosexual men;
  • Widespread experience of unfair treatment, including harassment;
  • Nearly half of those with disabilities keep these hidden from their employer; 
  • Women and those from minority groups are more likely to leave the industry;
  • Women want concrete action on leadership and pay 
  • 63% of men and 45% of women were inspired to join the industry by a passion for cycling. 

Call for Change: Respondents overwhelmingly expressed a desire for greater inclusivity and representation within the cycling industry. Research shows clearly that companies with diverse leadership are more successful. One important reason is that more diverse teams can connect with a broader range of consumers. It is precisely these diverse new audiences that the cycle industry, and wider society, will depend on to achieve future green growth and decarbonisation goals. 

The report’s recommendations call on employers to sign the BA’s Diversity Pledge  and prioritise 7 key actions to begin to address the findings:

7 actions for change 

1  Lead an inclusive, anti-discriminatory culture 

2  Implement bullying and harassment policy and communicate to all employees 

3  Diversify leadership teams 

4  Make pay equitable 

5  Introduce flexible working and paid leave entitlements 

6  Offer mentoring and career development to all 

7  Give more visibility to women and marginalised groups

Resources to support employers in implementing these actions can be found in the report and on the BA’s website.

Ian Beasant, Managing Director of Giant UK, contributed the Foreword to the report and said:  “The core purpose of this BA perception survey was to understand the barriers and challenges people face in their company. The acknowledgement and commitment to supporting all equally is our industry’s duty. We must create the most welcoming, inclusive and prosperous environment for all, fostering innovation, representation, and growth.” 

Commenting on the release of the report, Sally Middlemiss, Associate Director of the Bicycle Association, stated: “The Diversity in the Cycling Industry Perception Survey Report marks a significant step towards understanding the complex dynamics of inclusivity within all levels of the cycling industry. We are dedicated to driving positive change by promoting dialogue, actionable recommendations, and an environment where every individual feels welcome and empowered to achieve their career goals.”

The full Diversity in the Cycling Industry Perception Survey Report is now available for download on the Bicycle Association’s website.