News Press Release

BikeBiz Joins BA’s Advocacy Arm, Investors in Cycling 

July 1, 2022

BikeBiz, the essential monthly and online information resource for everyone in the U.K. cycling industry, has pledged support to the growing industry initiative ‘Investors in Cycling’, The Bicycle Association’s (BA) programme promoting the growth of cycling through advocacy. 

BikeBiz is the latest company to join more than 1100 cycling businesses as part of the BA Investors in Cycling, and the first information and news provider to join.  After 25 years, BikeBiz continues to grow its readership. 2020 saw an average of 83,000 unique users visit the website. In 2021, that average has grown to 87,000. It is the dominant site for trade readers and those with a professional interest in the business.

This partnership will strengthen the BA’s portfolio of advocacy projects delivered on behalf of the UK cycling industry, including advocacy for measures to support E-bike sales, a focus on Children’s Cycling from an industry perspective and projects to support increased investment in cycling.

David Middlemiss, BA Associate Director, said:

“We are thrilled that BikeBiz has joined Investors in Cycling, and their pledge comes at a crucial time for our industry-wide advocacy mission. Support from BikeBiz, which is read by all of our members and other Investors in Cycling, is important for driving forward our advocacy programme. We look forward to working with BikeBiz to further grow the British cycling market and spread the love of cycling to everyone.”

Alex Ballinger, BikeBiz Editor, said:

The Bicycle Association’s efforts to boost the entire UK cycle trade have been fantastic, and the Investors in Cycling campaign is another stellar example of the BA’s valued work. 

BikeBiz is honoured to join the BA’s Investors in Cycling campaign, as we completely understand the value of cycling advocacy and the impact it can have on the wider cycle trade.

Together with the BA and the other Investors in Cycling, we are committed to highlighting the economic case for cycling, trying to get as many people on bikes as possible, and celebrating the numerous benefits riding a bike can offer. “

UK bike businesses interested in becoming Investors in Cycling or wishing to find out more please visit: