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Moore Large Joins Bicycle Association’s Advocacy Arm, Investors in Cycling

June 15, 2022

Moore Large, one of the UK’s leading suppliers and distributor of bicycles and bicycle accessories, has pledged its support to the growing industry initiative Investors in Cycling, the Bicycle Association’s (BA) programme promoting the growth of cycling through advocacy. 

Moore Large is the latest company to join more than 1100 cycling businesses as part of BA Investors in Cycling. The company has heritage dating back to 1947 when John H Moore, father of John Moore, opened his first bike shop in Rickmansworth.

Following a recent management buyout by the board of directors, Moore Large remains committed to supporting local and national cycling initiatives to help foster a better future for the industry.

This partnership will strengthen the BA’s portfolio of advocacy projects delivered on behalf of the UK cycling industry, including its Growing the Local Bicycle Economy project. Already mobilised in London, this project brings local industry and advocacy partners together to make the economic case for cycling and secure infrastructure and wider investment, and the BA aims to roll this project out to new regions in 2022 with support from Investors in Cycling.

Andrew Walker, Commercial Director and Co-owner, said: 

“We’re delighted to be able to support forward-thinking initiatives that support our growing industry. The size of the cycling market has increased 45% from 2019 to 2020, and reports predict eBike sales will triple by 2023. While the unprecedented growth has accelerated the national bicycle economy, the work carried out by the Bicycle Association is critical to sustaining this growth and creating a better, safer, and more efficient infrastructure for cyclists and industry employees across the country. We’re passionate about making cycling more accessible so working with organisations that align with our values is a key part of our growth.”

David Middlemiss, BA Associate Director, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Moore Large join Investors in Cycling, and their rich history in promoting cycling in the UK is going to be invaluable in our advocacy efforts. So far this year we are on track to help create more green jobs and investment in the cycling economy. Working uniquely with the cycle industry, proving the economic value of cycling at this level is something the BA aims to do across the country in the months and years ahead.”

UK bike businesses interested in becoming Investors in Cycling or wishing to find out more are invited to visit: 

Notes for Editors

Contact for Media: Elizabeth Elford [email protected]  

About the Bicycle Association

The Bicycle Association (BA) is the national trade association for the UK cycle industry. The BA works to represent the best interests of the UK cycle industry to government, stakeholders and the general public.  The mission of the BA is to grow cycling, particularly everyday transport cycling, and to grow the cycling market in the UK.  

About Investors in Cycling

Investors in Cycling in a nationwide programme to unite and recognise bike businesses across the UK which support the growth of cycling through advocacy. Over 1,100 bike businesses are being recognised as Investors in Cycling from the largest  global brands to the smallest retailers. All are businesses which in one way or another support the industry’s collective advocacy work, led by the Bicycle Association on behalf of the UK cycling industry. 

About Moore Large

Born in 1975, from a passion for cycling, Moore Large has grown to be one of the UK’s leading bicycle and accessories distributors with a diverse portfolio of world-renown brands across all disciplines, include house brands Forme Bikes and Everything To Cycling. Over the past five decades, Moore Large has become a team of more than 100 people, unified by a commitment to creating a better cycling industry and a positive customer experience.