Business support & initiatives

Retailer support: the BA Trade Network

Retailers who support the BA’s advocacy programme join the “Trade Network”, which provides participating retailers with exclusive access to market data, cutting edge retail finance and more.

Theft and security

Cycle theft is a significant issue for the industry, because many people whose bikes are stolen do not return to cycling. Thefts from retailers can also be traumatic and disruptive. Read more about the BA’s work to help address these issues.

Cycle parking standard

At the BA’s initiative and with the support of the DfT-funded Cycle Rail Working Group, a new UK standard has been developed for public cycle parking facilities, covering quality, installation and security. Click “Read More” to view the PDF.

E-bike battery collection and recycling

Responsible take-back and recycling of e-bike batteries is both a legal responsibility for suppliers and something the industry is keen to facilitate for the environment, for retailers, and for customers’ convenience. A collection and recycling scheme is under development.

BA Guides & downloads

Selected concise guides to industry-relevant issues are available here for free download by members, the wider industry, and members of the public.