Code of Practice

As the national cycle industry trade body, the Bicycle Association represents, to government and the public, a professional industry which takes itself seriously, and demands to be taken seriously in return. As such, the members who have joined together in the Association are committed to:

Operate with a high standard of professionalism and business ethics

and in all activities do nothing that will bring the cycle trade, or the Bicycle Association, into disrepute.

  • To consider the ethical, environmental and human impact of doing business, especially with regard to sourcing products and materials.
  • To treat all staff, customers, suppliers and other contacts ethically and in compliance with the Equality and Modern Slavery Acts.

Comply with product design and safety requirements

as set out in the General Product Safety Regulations, the Road Vehicle Safety Regulations, the Pedal Bicycles (Safety) Regulations and any other applicable legal requirements.

  • Where current standards apply to products, to work to or beyond the requirements of those standards and to document compliance in a Technical File.
  • Where current standards do not apply directly to products, to comply with the closest applicable standard where relevant and to design, carry out and document risk assessments, tests and other evidence to demonstrate product safety, and to compile these in a Technical File.

Comply with all other relevant current laws and regulations

including company law and accounting rules, consumer law and trade description rules, type approval regulations, CE marking rules, and regulations concerning WEEE, REACH and RoHS.

Engage constructively with industry colleagues and the Bicycle Association to advance the interests of the cycle industry

for example by engaging in member feedback, participating in technical discussions and informing the Bicycle Association of areas of concern (especially regarding safety).

Engage constructively with industry colleagues and the Bicycle Association to promote the future of cycling

and a strong UK cycle industry, by supporting initiatives, both within each company and collectively at an industry level, to achieve these ends.