Cycle Parking Standard

June 2021: the new UK cycle parking standard is available for download below:

Download PDF – June 2021 – 4 Mb

Standards for public cycle parking

The standard is intended to enable people purchasing, installing and managing public cycle parking to procure products and installations which are:

  • Easy to use (including consideration of disabled people and inclusion generally)
  • Safe (for users and their cycles)
  • Secure (enabling secure locking)
  • Long lasting (corrosion resistant etc.) and
  • Fully in compliance with UK legal requirements.

“Public cycle parking” refers to cycle parking used by the general public, at facilities operated by either the private or public sector.

This project was initiated by the BA and the standard was developed by PJA for the Bicycle Association and the Cycle Rail Working Group, which is funded by the Department for Transport and managed by Sustrans.

For more detail and background, please see our news story about the publication of the standard.

Your feedback is welcome on this first edition: please send it to [email protected]. Please note however that it may be some time before we can respond if your query arrives between project team meetings.