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The BA Podcast

Welcome to the Bicycle Association Podcast! This channel will tackle industry-relevant issues and explore the Bicycle Association’s work in a bite-size and we hope entertaining format. As well as accessing the episodes via this website, you can listen on the following platforms:


October 2021: Market Data Service

As we entered April 2020, nobody foresaw what the year to come would bring – indeed, most anticipated that bike businesses would close along with most other industries.

What followed was an unprecedented year of demand, and what is more incredible is that for the first time there was actual data to back up the anecdotal evidence of surging demand.

This podcast tracks the history of the Bicycle Association’s Market Data Service (MDS).  How it came into being, why the industry had to wait so long for a true Market Data Service, and what is to come.  

Join us as we talk with Simon Irons and Tom Payton, from the BA team behind MDS, Jack Dennison of Sigma Sports, who uses the service, and Nick Nettleton of Loft, to hear how MDS will evolve to provide even greater value in the future.

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October 2021: Theft

Cycle theft is as old as cycling itself, and for the most part, the focus has been on ensuring cyclists themselves don’t fall victim to cycle crime.

But, as the value of bikes has gone up, thieves are no longer prepared to wait for bikes to hit the streets and are targeting retailers in increasingly audacious and sophisticated attacks.

We join Stephen Holt and David Middlemiss of the Bicycle Association, Mark James of J E James Cycles, and Superintendent Mark Cleland from British Transport Police as they discuss how retailers are being affected, how the police have changed their approach to cycle crime and how an industry-wide approach might be (at least part of) the answer.

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September 2021: Advocacy

In this episode, we join Steve Garidis, the Bicycle Association’s Executive Director, and Phillip Darnton, the Executive Chairman, as they discuss Advocacy and what that means for our members.


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September 2021: Sustainability

We interview BA member company and clothing specialist Rapha’s sustainability lead to discover how they are driving sustainability in their business – and how others in the cycle industry can learn from their experience. A special edition BA podcast:

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