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Welcome to the Bicycle Association's Market Data Service, powered by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc (SMS)!

A real first for the Cycling industry, the Service will provide game-changing retail sales market insights for the specialist and generalist sales channels. Covering over 50% of the market, the Service will launch with full data for 2018 and 2019 from participating retailers.

This gives our members access to real, monthly sales data across bikes, parts, accessories, and services; data which can be cut and diced in our dashboard in thousands of ways: by category, channel, price-point, brand, product, even by region to give your business the insight you need to drive performance, stay competitive, and boost your bottom line.

It also gives us, as the industry’s national trade body, powerful data to help influence Government for policies which support market growth. The service is run not-for-profit by the Bicycle Association for the benefit of the UK cycling industry

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