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Cycle theft and security

Cycle theft is a significant barrier to cycling growth: the industry loses many customers who never return after a theft. Also, it’s a huge issue for retailers who may be targeted by professional thieves.

The Bicycle Association is co-ordinating industry efforts on several fronts to address these issues.

A public cycle parking hardware quality, security and installation standard was published in 2021, the outcome of a project initiated by the BA in 2018. Funding was secured in 2020, and an experienced consultant engaged. The BA has made the standard available for any interested party to use free of charge, while working for its adoption as an official aid to procurement of public cycle parking.

The cycle parking standard developed for the BA and Cycle Rail Working Group is available here.

A UK national cycle registration scheme is also under consideration, following detailed proposals developed by the BA and subsequently adopted by a wider coalition aiming to tackle cycle crime, including Police leads. We are optimistic that this will be funded and move to full implementation shortly.

Thefts from bike shops can be traumatic and damaging. The BA is investigating whether there is scope to improve the process of reporting of bikes stolen from bike shops, or whether any other measures may help address this significant issue for retailers.

“Double Lock It” toolkit

The BA represents the cycle industry on the UK’s National Cycle Crime Steering Group, and we are pleased to help distribute the Group’s “Double Lock It” campaign material, which aims to ensure that cycle owners are given a clear and consistent message on how to lock their bikes. The kit is free to download and use, and includes a link for further media assets.

June 2021: Download PDF (2 Mb)

Double Lock It campaign toolkit