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Market Data Service: subscribe for premium access
Retailers, brands, suppliers and wholesalers are invited to subscribe for premium access to the Market Data Service. Prices start from £399 per month and are scaled depending on the size of your business, the level of information required and how long you wish to subscribe for.

A premium subscription offers an unparalleled level of insight and drill-down capability with the opportunity to understand your market share performance and areas of opportunity and threat. Prices start from just £399 per month.

What do you get?

Both subscription levels:
Market totals with splits by Category, Retailer Segment and Channel of Sale (by Month, Quarter, Year)
Category and Sub-Category drill-down data
Price band reporting at Category level
IBDs can compare to the averages of the IBD sector whilst large retailers can measure sales by channel.

All of the above plus:

Benchmarking: your business performance vs both the segment you operate in & the total market via an interactive, dynamic dashboard
Market share breakdowns showing where you are gaining or losing share
Channels of sale (Shops, Click & Collect, Online)
Performance at different price bands
Growth sectors and seasonality
Brand performance (For retailers, subject to own brand data being visible)
Additional filters for bikes: gender, wheel size and suspension type.
SKU counts
Regional Splits

All of the above plus:

Access to the data via an API Feed enabling users to: Import data directly into your own internal analysis systems such as PowerBI and Tableau. Access the most granular version of MDS data available without any of the limitations of the dashboard and correlate MDS data alongside your own internal data sets.

All Market Data participants also benefit from joining the Market Data community and will gain FREE access to the following: 

Market Insights, our monthly newsletter which analyses key trends and provides updates on the service.
Industry webinars
Topic podcasts
Silver and Gold subscribers also receive our in-depth industry reports for free

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Signing up for subscription access is quick and easy:

Available to UK industry participants only.

Please note that Government, academic, media and any other non cycling industry organisations are not able to subscribe to the service but may make individual data requests by clicking here.