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Bike Hub: 14 years of supporting cycling

April 1, 2017

Ever since 2003, the Bike Hub cycle industry levy scheme has provided vital funding for those working to build a stronger cycling future in the UK. To this day, it continues to raise significant funds for promoting cycling.

And along the way, it has done pioneering work: from the ‘ground up’ development and deployment of the world’s first cycle journey planner to transforming the funding available for projects targeting young cyclists.

Now, fourteen years on, in early 2017, industry leaders are discussing the next steps. There are new challenges in cycling, and in our industry, and Bike Hub is due a revamp and a re-structure. This is now taking shape under the “Bicycle Industry Fund” banner, which will see a new much greater focus on advocacy, as well as continuing the important outreach and promotion work needed to secure the future of cycling.

That makes this is the perfect time to look back at fourteen years of the Bike Hub levy and its ongoing, valuable work. The report which you can read below starts by looking at the projects supported over the 14 years: for children, the future of cycling; how the fund has supported cycling participation for all; how it supports advocacy and how it promotes cycling through digital initiatives. Finally, we’ll look at how the fund started, how it works, and present a summary of investments to date.

Sincere thanks go the hundreds of cycle retailers and numerous cycle industry suppliers, distributors and manufacturers whose contributions through the levy scheme have made this work possible, and to the Government departments who have offered their support for Bike Hub.

Across 14 years of Bike Hub, the cycle industry has invested heavily in the future of cycling. As we celebrate that achievement, let us also focus on the task ahead: this work must continue, and industry support for the Bicycle Industry Fund is vital.

Together, we must secure the future of cycling.

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Bike Hub: note on 2015 & 2016 accounts

Details of income and expenditure for Bike Hub are available from its inception in 2004 to 2014 as part of the abbreviated accounts of the Bicycle Association, filed with Companies House, and accessible online. However due to an accounting oversight, the Bike Hub figures were not included when the 2015 accounts were filed. The relevant sections are reproduced here:
Download PDF
Download JPG

Final figures for 2016 are still being prepared by the accountants, but the table below provides preliminary figures, along with the 2015 data:
Download PDF
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