Buzzbike, bikeZaar and BabelBike join the Bicycle Association

November 28, 2019

The Bicycle Association is delighted to welcome three alphabetically-close new members: Buzzbike, bikeZaar and BabelBike.

Buzzbike is an innovative bike leasing company, offering users “a bike and everything you need to ride” for a modest monthly payment. Theft insurance, lock and servicing are included, with extra kit available at discounted rates, and rewards the more you ride.

bikeZaar is “an ecosystem where cyclists and triathletes around the world can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online or in-store, including products, services, and experiences. Utilising a unique technology platform, bikeZaar connects supply and demand more precisely, speedily, and easily than ever before.”

BabelBike aims to create the “world’s safest bicycle” and “the biggest step forward in bicycle safety since 1885”, including safety cell technology and testing involving 38-ton trucks.