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Cycle parking UK quality standard: call for consultant expressions of interest

August 18, 2020

The BA and Sustrans, on behalf of the Cycle Rail Working Group, call for expressions of interest from consultants for the development of a new UK cycle parking quality standard.


For some time now the BA has been working to facilitate the development of a UK quality and security standard for cycle parking hardware and installation, as part of our efforts on behalf of the industry to address cycle theft. 

Theft remains a significant brake on cycling growth: a significant number of people give up cycling altogether if their bike is stolen. Others may be put off cycling a particular journey if they are not confident of secure parking.

Even where cycle parking is provided, there can be issues with cycle parking quality. Too often what is procured is not well designed, inclusive, durable, or correctly installed, making it ineffective both for the purchaser and for users. These are the main issues which the new standard intends to address.

In late 2018, the BA convened a group of initial stakeholders including DfT, TfL, the Cycle Rail Working Group and a number of quality-minded suppliers. The original intention was to draft the standard within this group, but this proved beyond the resources available.

Now (subject only to final, formal confirmation) funding has been secured, via the Cycle Rail Working Group (CRWG), to employ a suitably qualified consultant to develop the new standard.

The CRWG funding – and the consultant contract – will be managed by Sustrans with BA support (Sustrans manages the CRWG for DfT). The intention is that the completed standard will be made available on the BA website for free-of-charge public access.

Consultant expressions of interest invited by 14th September

Consultants wishing to be considered for this work are invited to send initial expressions of interest by the 14th September 2020. Further details about the project, and the expected format of submissions, are in the document downloadable below:

About the Cycle Rail Working Group

The CRWG consists of representatives from the Active Travel Alliance, Bicycle Association, British Transport Police, Cycle Proofing Working Group, Department for Transport, Passenger Focus, Network Rail, Transport for London, National Rail train operators and Urban Transport Group. Its aim is to improve access to the rail network for people using bicycles.

The Cycle Rail Working Group is supported by Sustrans, who provide secretarial and logistical support. They are funded in this work by the Department for Transport. The CRWG is chaired by Phillip Darnton of the Bicycle Association.