Pinarello, Gocycle and CycleCentric join the Bicycle Association

October 24, 2019

The BA is delighted to welcome into membership three companies who have recently joined the Association: Pinarello, Gocycle and CycleCentric.

Pinarello is one of the most famous names in cycling, with an illustrious history including 15 Tour de France winners. In addition to partnering with some of the best bike retailers in the UK and Ireland, Pinarello has created two Pinarello brand stores in London and Manchester. They provide a unique experience for the discerning cyclist – an experience based on more than 60 years of ground-breaking cycling success. and

Gocycle: 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Gocycle’s first production model, the ground-breaking, lightweight Gocycle G1 folding electric bike. The G1 became the first injection-moulded magnesium alloy bicycle in history and set the core Gocycle values of stylish design, desirability, no compromises approach and pioneering spirit which all Gocycle models exhibit to this day, including the latest Gocycle GX.

CycleCentric are the designers, developers and distributors of the high-performance Airnimal folding bike range, and also of the versatile family cycling and (e)cargo bike brand Circe Cycles. In addition they distribute recumbent bikes and trikes from USA brand Bacchetta Bikes. With a showroom in Cambridge, they also have a network of dealers across the UK and worldwide.