Spotlight on standards at the BA Technical Meeting

May 21, 2019

Quality, compliance and technical staff from Bicycle Association member companies gathered on the 15th May for the Association’s 2019 Technical Meeting.

Bicycles and e-bikes are generally very safe products, in no small part thanks to the work of professionals in the industry who design, and test, these products to international standards. This meeting was an opportunity for these specialists to network, to be updated on new developments in standards and regulations, and to share best practice.

The Bicycle Association contributes to the development of these safety standards by funding expert participation on CEN (European) and ISO (world) standards committees through the British Standards Institute (BSI). This direct participation enables the Bicycle Association to provide its members with in-depth expertise and also early intelligence of upcoming changes.

This year’s meeting took place at an inspiring venue: The Hall in Bradford-on-Avon, the historic home of bicycle and automotive designer and inventor Alex Moulton, and current home of the Moulton Bicycle Company. After the meeting delegates enjoyed a tour of the building – packed with engineering and industrial artifacts and history – and the adjoining Moulton factory.

Many thanks to all who took part, and to the Moulton Trust for hosting.