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Tern Bicycles joins Bicycle Association’s ‘Investors in Cycling’

January 10, 2022

Urban mobility specialist Tern Bicycles has announced that they are the latest UK bike business to support The Bicycle Association’s (BA) Investors in Cycling programme, promoting the growth of cycling through advocacy.

Tern joins over 1,100 bike businesses in the initiative launched by the BA in December 2021. All are businesses which in one way or another support the industry’s collective advocacy work, led by the Bicycle Association on behalf of the UK cycling industry.  

Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain, said:  

“The Bicycling Association advocates for bicycling to government and policy makers with a unified voice and they’ve done tremendous work through these tumultuous few Covid years. Seeing their results made us want to explore additional support beyond just the standard membership dues. We are happy that there’s now an Investors in Cycling programme, which will help us achieve additional important goals. The bicycle industry is pretty small so it’s critical that we work together to achieve common goals”. 

David Middlemiss, BA Associate Director, said:

We are extremely excited to receive the commitment of Tern to Investors in Cycling at the start of this important year for the cycling industry. Every Investor in Cycling is helping build a powerful business coalition, enabling the BA in our not-for-profit work making the industrial case for cycling to Government. In 2022 we’re focused on delivering in three key areas: delivering our growing the local bicycle economy project in London then rolling this out across the UK, securing government backing for a national e-bike support programme and giving every child the opportunity to cycle. Tern’s support, alongside our other Investors in Cycling, is helping us deliver in 2022”.

Investors in Cycling launched in 2021 to recognise the existing support of over 1,100 retailers and suppliers. Tern joins the increasing ranks of businesses now able to contribute simply through making an annual pledge to the BA’s advocacy work and, in return, gaining recognition through the use of the new Investors in Cycling branding in their business premises and on their physical and digital materials. UK bike businesses interested in becoming Investors in Cycling or wishing to find out more please visit:

About Tern Bicycles

Tern is dedicated to the goal of sustainable transportation and designs and manufactures bicycles for urban transport. The company has corporate offices in Taiwan, the United States, China, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Tern donates at least 1% of net profits every year to social and environmental causes through its Give Back Program, and is committed to supporting advocacy initiatives worldwide. Tern distributes Tern and Bickerton branded bicycles in the United Kingdom. 

About Investors in Cycling

Investors in Cycling in a nationwide programme to unite and recognise bike businesses across the UK which support the growth of cycling through advocacy. Over 1,100 bike businesses are being recognised as Investors in Cycling from the largest global brands to the smallest retailers. All are businesses which in one way or another support the industry’s collective advocacy work, led by the Bicycle Association on behalf of the UK cycling industry.