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The BA's technical programme

About the Technical Service

Many BA members see the Technical Service as a key benefit of membership. We offer one-on-one advice on all regulatory, compliance and technical matters, included with your membership. Excellent contacts and a deep knowledgebase allow us to provide swift and authoritative advice on everything from tariffs to fatigue testing, plus early intelligence on standards development, anti-dumping, Brexit, safety issues and more.

The Technical Service also plays a significant role in the BA’s advocacy work, providing expertise for detailed policy development and proposals – as well as flagging and analysing regulatory developments which may pose a threat, or present opportunities, for the cycle industry.

We regret that the Technical Service cannot answer queries from companies who are not Bicycle Association members, nor from members of the public. The BA Guides published below may however be useful to address some popular topics.

Areas covered

The comprehensive technical support offered by the BA’s Technical Service covers the following areas:

How members can access the BA Technical Service

Support is provided to BA member companies via:

One-on-one support. Unlimited (within reason) one-on-one technical support from our Technical Director Peter Eland (or a colleague, if he is unavailable) is included in the cost of membership, to help you resolve any technical or compliance issues, or to guide you to Government advice or best practice.
Regular update emails (to unlimited recipients within your company).
Guidance documents library on the BA website: subjects include safety and compliance for bikes and e-bikes, batteries guidance, a list of UK and EU test labs, detailed analysis of UK legal requirements, notes on the legalities of e-bike conversion kits and more. We also maintain a collection of the latest Government advice, including some items obtained directly from Government for the cycle industry.
BA technical meetings. These provide full updates and are also great for networking with technical, quality and compliance peers. Online when necessary, physical meetings in normal times!

The BA’s regulatory and technical work

BA Guides

These are freely downloadable selected summaries of technical and industry issues for reference by BA members, the wider industry and general public. BA members should log in (or contact the BA’s technical service) for more detailed and specific guidance.